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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  July 11, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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child's worse nightmare. a monster on top of her with a knife to her throat and hand of her mouth. and today a camden county jury made sure the monster will never see the outside of a jail cell again. >> relief that this man will finally pay for what he did to my son and daughter. >> osvaldo rivera, 31 at the time, broke into this house on ware street and amber was asleep on the couch and the sister babysitting. and the mother in the hospital. and rivera convicted of raping amber and slashing her throat twice with a knife as she tried to break through. and her brother, dominic, came in screaming, and rivera slashed his throat leaving him for dead. and amber ran for a neighbor's house for help and rivera was
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found later hiding behind a mattress a few blocks a way. and today the jury found him guilty on 11 counts from first degree murder to burglary. and dominic's mother has his face tattooed on her arm, an image that rivera will never forget. >> you will pay. this is the beginning of what you did, you know. and dominic's spirit will always be around you. he will always be around you and he is goes going to remind you. >> normally we don't reveal the name and images of the sexual assault victims, but amber and her mother want the world to see they are standing tall, extraordinary survivors. amber spend two months in the hospital declined to speak but showed us the scars left by the knife wounds on her neck. >> she is doing great. she is a survivor. she is strong, a survivor.
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>> now that rivera is convicted they will seek a life sentence. >> and it is a horrible crime. and the did he have stole one child's life and another child's innocence. and we will be asking for a life sentence at sentencing. >> that is october 23. live in camden, channel 6 "action news." ten people hurt, including an infant with a multi-vehicle crash on route 206 in burlington county. and chopper 6 hd over the scene near route 38 shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. two work advance, a car, and an s.u.v. hauling a camper were involved here. debris scattered across the roadway. the infant flown to cooper university hospital with serious injuries from shattered glass. a three-alarm fire now out in upper darby. and one firefighter treated for
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minor injuries. several row homes caught fire at 3:00 along the 400 block of croyden road. they suffered mostly smoke and water damage. fortunately no residents hurts. the firefighters have not determined what sparked the plays. the philadelphia police investigating the death of a 31 year old man whose body was found yesterday in a philadelphia hotel. it turns out he was the boyfriend of one of the stars of the television show "glee." "action news" reporter, chad pradelli, is live outside of hotel monaco off independence mall and you have the full story. >> jim, police are calling it a sudden death investigation. yesterday a housekeeper found matt bendik's body inside of a hotel room at the hotel monaco. police say there appears to be no fall play. no obvious signs of foul play or evidence of drugs in the room. suicide didn't appear to be the
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cause. the medical examiner's office tells "action news" the autopsy didn't immediately establish a clear cause of death and there was no evidence of trauma. but it will conduct more studies. bendik reportedly the boyfriend of becca tobin claying -- make the cheerleader in "glee." >> he is here on some type of business. he is from the california area. >> and bendik came here wednesday set to fly home today. reportedly owns and operates nightclubs and the police are checking credit card receipts and surveillance to retrace his steps. >> they will conduct interviews of anyone, witnesses, anyone that would have been with him. doing the background information. >> almost one year to the day
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another "glee" body found in vancouver dying of a heroin overdose. the recently formed call didn't county police cold unit made afternoon arrest. taking 32 year old tino cruz into custody in jacksonville, florida. accused of stabbing to death a 55 year old on tulip street. the detectives say witnesses pointed to cruz as the suspect. the state has fired the chief medical exampler amid a scandal, tampering with evidence. and terminated july 4 and an investigation ongoing and the state searching for the replacement. the authorities accused him of using state resources for
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personal gain and mismanaging the office. a small explosion happened this morning in west deptford, new jersey. three-point employees working in the area at the time of the mishap. alarms sounded, the building evacuated safely. the cause is believed to be either pressure or a chemical reaction. fortunately, no significant injuries. in a stunning return to his roots, basketball star lebron james returning to the cleveland cavaliers. cleveland fans immediately took to the streets to cheer the news he is coming back. four years ago was whether some fans burned their jerseys when he went to miami, but now apparently everyone is forgiven. and jeff, big news about the nba's biggest star. >> absolutely. how about lebron saying he knew he would return to cleveland,
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just didn't know when. now is the time. lebron going back to cleveland where he burned four years ago and left a lot of angry fans behind. he is returning to the cavs spending the first seven seasons of his career. here is how the decision went down today in an essay to sports illustrateed. explaining his love to cleveland. and my relationship with northeast ohio is biller than basketball. i didn't realize four years ago, i do now. how about this, i looked at other teams but i wasn't going to leave miami for anywhere except cleveland. the more time passed the more it felt right this is what makes me happy. in northeast ohio nothing is given, everything is earned you work for what you have. i've ready to accept the challenge. i'm coming home. heat fans blacked out his face on the heat championship mural in downtown miami. lebron adds the goal is to win as many championships as
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possible now for the cleveland cavaliers. he's not making any promise now going back to the cavs, knowning first-hand how difficult it is. and he just lost to the san antonio spurps weeks ago. and now live in the "action news" sports center, jeff skversky, channel 6 news." >> thank you. and read more about lebron's return to cleveland on the 6abc app. there you can find a link to his fullest -- full essay. stuck in the middle, supporters for the israeli and palestinian causes in philadelphia. plus, food, clothes and a might go big heaping of generosity. how an eagles player got involved helping needy children.
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and a beautiful be weekend on tap, the temperatures taking a big tumble next week. and jeff skversky with more object lebron james's return to cleveland when "action news" continues tonight.
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. >> [chanting] >> local pro-palestinian demonstrators turned out in center city today to call for an end to the military strikes on gaza. they argue the battle is one-sided and that innocent palestinians, not terrorists, are being targeted. meanwhile, earlier in the day the other side took to the streets in center city. holding israeli and u.s. flags. these demonstrators says that israel has a right to defend itself against the hamas rockets. and the military says it hit
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more than 1100 targets and mostly what it identified as rocket-launching sites and more on the middle east crisis coming up after "action news" at 6:30 with "world news with diane sawyer." and touring chandler bats in norris town, wolf met with the workers to discuss the manufacturing plan. and they manufacturing hundreds of model of baseball bats for professional players, as well as players in the minor leagues, college and high school. and governor corbett renewing his push for pension reform the day after signing the state's spending plan much the new budget. he caused a stir among lawmakers vetoing tens of millions of dollars from the budget. today corbett got a warmer reception from the troopers at the state police academy. the feed the children caravan rolling into philadelphia today, and hundreds
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of families flocked to a church for much-needed resources. >> it really was a sight to see all of the families receiving the help they desperately need. fresh and nutritious foods and clothing items prepared, especially for those in need. it was about giving back and putting smiles on faces. hundreds of families receiving much-needed food and clothing items, part of the feed the children initiative. the under-served families stood in line to take part including warren and his daughters. >> and the people who are unemployed, people who just need extra food. and you know can't afford to pay for the extra personal compare needs. >> the parking lot of the church in north philadelphia was turned into a super grocery store. more than a dozen agencies
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pulled together to sponsor the give away, including philadelphia eagles' safety, malco malcolm. >> and i saw it firsthand and know it doesn't take too much resources. there are some we can do quickly and with the help after few partners knock it out. it came together fast. >> and his group held. >> and we are providing services on a multiple level. and that's one thing we know. >> you and are never too young to volunteer, just ask kyla. >> i am here to help people have food when they don't have money to eat. >> each family received enough
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food to feed four members for a week, plus a box of household goods. for that, barbara is grateful. >> it touches my heart. it's beautiful, that's all. i love it. >> and hunger is a serious problem. it hurts children every day. in fact in the u.s., one in five families struggle to put today on their table each day. and feed the children, they are working to try to address that problem. >> thank you. artists with free rein to decorate a building in wilmington, delaware, street expression, allowing the artists to showcase their work. some did a little dances and others stray painted a mural on a market street
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if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding.
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disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us. >> four years okay they were burning his jersey, tonight, welcome back. >> you have to love the drama. how about the cavs being favor to win the nba finals. the heat, 100 to 1 odds.
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lebron james taking his talents back to cleveland. that's right, four years after the bitter divorce when fans in cleveland as jim said were burning his number 23 cavs' journey is going back. and his article "i'm coming home" explaining his love. i looked at other teams but i was not going to leave miami for anywhere except cleveland. the more time passed the more it felt right. this is what makes me happy. and catching up with steven a. smith for reaction. >> there is something to be said about being able to go home. the fact he is able to go home means a great deal. and a lot of us would have made the same decision under those circumstances. >> you think in the back of his behind the last four years it was weighing on him that i won championships in miami, it is kind of bothering me where i let my fans back home, in my hometown and everything else
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down. >> it might have played a role but in the end he got two rings. if he had not gone to miami and succeeded it would be different. >> and down the street from his home down of akron, ohio. and he went to miami where he won two titles and now trying to bring one to cleveland. >> and the phillies playing the final three games before the all-star break against the washington nationals. the phills not happy of production out of the outfielders are making a change. nine-year veteran, grady sizemore batting lead-off playing for ben revere. >> for me i will just go out there and play hard, give it all i have got. i don't expect much. i go out and earn my spot and try to compete. >> it is the combination he has for him, his age, being younger
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and his experience. it could be a possibility of just getting games under his belt. getting back on the field and but then again just to see where he's at. >> a.j. burnett with the start tonight. and he was beat up in the last outing against washington, allowing 8 runs last month. hopefully he gets it out of his system. the sixers playing for a championship today -- not quite the one. rome wasn't built in the day either. the future is bright for the sixers playing memphis. and the summer league, noel on the bench and they look fine. and thompson with the slam, 21 for him. and ware 19 a game in the orlando summer league and the alley-oop pass there to sampson. and off the turnover, how about ronald roberts. and they win 91-75 and head to
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las vegas for another summer league tournament. and noel averaged 13 points a game down there and heading to las vegas as well. and adam joseph with the weekend forecast when we continue in a moment. ecord that hey, uncle craig, what's the deal? can't record that many shows at once. why? i guess they didn't feel like it.
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>> we had a string of terrific weekends. the big question, do we continue? >> yeah, yeah. for about three-quarters of the weekend looking good, the rest quarter a few thunderstorms and downpours. looking pretty good. double scan live, much quieter this afternoon compared to the last few days. we are tracking one downpour in
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interior southern new jersey, and south and west of route 40 near pull tavern, fenwick and north and west of shirley heading towards alloway. slowly difficulting northeast to south and west. no lightning but heavy rain briefly as it continues to push to the south. the temperatures in millville downpour in the last hour dropping the number to 73. philadelphia at the high of 89 degrees. wilmington 85. 84 reading. 83 allentown. and at the shore a sea breeze has pushed the numbers into the lower 70s. and it is so oppressively humid in southern areas while most of us north of millville are actually feeling a breath of fresh air with the lower humidity. it is in response to the high pressure. the high now in northern new england. and pushing all of the energy in the front off the coast that brought the torrential rain and
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flash flood warnings. that high is the muscle-make they are coming weekend and providing clearer skies. that is perfect for the first visible super moon of 2014. the best view will be before and after it sets at 4:51 in the morning. if you can get up between midnight and 5:00 a.m. is the best viewing time when the moon's orbit is closer to the earth. and about 30,000 miles closer with a bigger, brighter mood. and the wind is warm and 88 degrees. and low humidity and sea breeze for shore communities. and the humidity spikes sunday. sunday, again a pretty dry day. a hot, humid day. in the afternoon at 3:00 futuretracker the northern areas, reading, poconos, could be scattered showers and thunderstorms. at the shore it will be dry the entire weekend. in fact speaking of the shore,
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66 the ocean temperature. and the air temperature tomorrow 78 saturday, a lot of sun. sunday 78 and sun and clouds you in the poconos, it is a little rocky at times. in the afternoon could be astray shower. and sunday more humid and some downpours and thunderstorms in the afternoon. the exclusive accuweather search seven-day sunny and warm tomorrow, 88. it is very warm, humid sunday with a spotty storm north and west at 89. downpours and thunderstorms likely monday afternoon. hot and humid 90 degrees. and left overthunderstorms tuesday temperature 86. and behind the front cool air for july standards. low humidity and highs in the low 80s, that's it with sun and clouds. the suburbs the lows back into the 50s. getting july heat in storms he remember in the week and then backing it off big-time.
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>> thank you. planes buzzing thousands of spectators an air show in bear, delaware. the aircraft were on the small side. the crowd centerly weren't. the warbirds over delaware. 200 of the country's best remote-controlled pilots taking party state park and are flying again tomorrow. and "world news with diane sawyer" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17. with >> for the entire "action news" feel i'm jim gardner. we hope you will join us at 11:00. ♪ what can i get you?
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welcome to "world news." tonight, return of the king. basketball's biggest star, lebron james. the 6'8" player announces he's going back to cleveland. and shutdown, two labs at the cdc after another mistake with a dead lly virus. and willie nelson, another number one album. but do you remember when he started? you'll hear it, because he's our person of the week. a good evening to you on this friday night. the king is


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